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Regenerative Leadership

This book by leadership and sustainability experts Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm provides an exciting and comprehensive framework for building regenerative life-affirming businesses. It offers a multitude of business cases, fascinating examples from nature's living systems, insights from the front-line pioneers and tools and techniques for leaders to succeed and thrive in the 21st century.

Regenerative Leadership draws inspiration from pioneering thinking within biomimicry, circular economy, adult developmental psychology, anthropology, biophilia, sociology, complexity theory and next-stage leadership development. It connects the dots between these fields through a powerful framework that enables leadership to become regenerative: in harmony with life, building thriving, prosperous organizations amid transformational times. The book is a combination of theoretical frameworks, case studies, tools & practices: Everything the leader needs to be successful in the 21st century.

Regenerative Leadership - what's it all about?

While the future is uncertain, we clearly see an upward trend towards sustainable conscious business. And this is more than just a trend - we're witnessing a new kind of organization emerging.

An organization which is able to rapidly sense and respond to the ever-changing business climate by innovating how and why it creates and delivers value, and the way it engages internally and externally with its ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, resources, investors, society and environment.

This new kind of organization is the organization-as-living-system that is designed on the Logic of Life: life-affirming businesses that thrive from the inside out, by cultivating conditions conducive for life, internally and externally. These organizations nurture flourishing cultures while focusing on products and services that enhance society and the environment.

Regenerative organizations will be tomorrow's success stories.

Giles Hutchins is Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy, keynote speaker, executive coach and author of three critically acclaimed business books, previously Director at KPMG and Global Head of Sustainability Solutions for Atos Origin. He is co-founding partner of Regenerators.

Laura Storm has spent her entire career working in the intersection between business, leadership, sustainability, climate change policy and innovation. She has started and led multiple international organizations focused on the global transformation to sustainability - including Copenhagen Climate Council, World Business Summit on Climate Change and Sustainia. She has been awarded the title "Worldchanger" by Greenbiz, is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Sustainability Expert, sits on many boards and is founder of Regenerators.

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